I Get Letters From My Senator on Iran and Obamacare

Just because I want to be periodically overcome with the urge to vomit stay on top of my state’s leaders’ thoughts and actions, I subscribe to the electronic version of Senator David Perdue’s birdcage liner newsletter. Today, this arrived (this is but a portion of the wonderfulness which blessed my inbox which you, dear reader, will be forced to simply imagine):

Here are only a few highlights of President Obama’s failed economic and foreign policies:
* Ballooned national debt to $19 trillion undermining our national security.
* Increased health care premiums and deductibles under Obamacare.
* Pushed dangerous nuclear Iran deal on the American people.

Whatever you say, Senator Perdue

So, as is often my wont as a frustrated liberal living in a land that will turn blue approximately when hell freezes over, I felt a reply was in order. To wit:

Cripes, David, I don’t know where you get your news (though I have a remarkably prescient guess on the matter!), but premiums are up because the quality of care is up re: Obamacare. Identical policies aren’t more expensive under Obamacare — so stop scaremongering on that score.

And regarding the “dangerous nuclear Iran deal?” I suppose you saw yesterday’s headlines: that Iran had released four US prisoners including the Washington Post reporter? And – oh, yes – I suppose you noticed TODAY’S, as well? Here, let me refresh your memory, if you hadn’t bothered to get any news except FAUX yet today

Iran Complies With Nuclear Deal; Sanctions Are Lifted

So kindly do me the favor of dropping down dead with your tired, reality-averse, ideological bullshit, would you? Thanks.

Lars Olsson – your reluctant constituent