I mean that in at least two senses of the word: a break from the content that comes before this post, and a break for me from keeping up with this.

Look closely and you’ll see my last post – which comes right before this one – was the day after Super Tuesday…in 2016. As we all know, after that, Bernie Sanders engineered a spectacular come-from-behind victory in that contest and is well into running for his second term, having corralled Congress to reinstate Glass-Steagall, institute Medicare for All, and enact nationwide $15/hr minimum wage.


In reality, of course, exactly what I feared might be the case last time did in fact come true. I’ll own up to the fact that I said in that last post that I thought it was somewhat more likely that Hillary Clinton would eke out a narrow victory and then we’d wind up losing that way — by the slow death of a thousand compromises and quarter-loaves the Democrats have inexplicably seen fit to embrace for the past thirty-plus years. But I want credit for knowing that it was easily within the realm of possibility that Donald Trump could defy expectations in the general election just as he had in the primary — especially when virtually every other pundit in the center-to-left (and even some of the right) universe was still selling (themselves, perhaps?) the fantasy that a Clinton II presidency was a dead lock.

And as we all know, we’re now in year four of an increasingly dystopian nightmare that was all-but-inevitable once the worst of my imaginings came true when Donald Trump managed to use an increasingly rickety and unrepresentative Electoral College system, an avalanche of unpaid press coverage by a supine media who could not get enough of the human clickbait that is Donald Trump (even as they continued their chuckle-and-sneer routine while giving him all that free media), and the bile-and-fake-news-amplification system that is Facebook and other social media, to narrowly defeat Clinton.

Our air is dirtier, our rivers more polluted, our government weaker and more corrupt, and our citizens less prosperous and less secure. Unless you’re in the investor class, in which case Trump actually had managed to drive the increasingly unrepresentative fiscal indicator of the stock market to new heights. So if you’re a billionaire, congratulations! The Trump years have probably been extra-grand for you: not only has your wealth magnified unimaginably, but you get the two-for of seeming to sneer at the buffoon in the Oval Office who works (or at least tweets) tirelessly, night and day, to afflict the afflicted and comfort the comfortable.

And into this perfect storm of greed, corruption, grldlock and incompetence…comes the coronavirus.

So what have I been doing, these past four years?

Working. I re-entered the workforce in late 2014, and although I kept up with things here for a little over a year, I just lost both energy and time – not to mention motivation – to keep being Cassandra. It’s exhausting. I guess in some ways, it’s fitting that my last post was about the possible outcomes after Super Tuesday, 2016, because well, here we all are. And though I’m still working, the likely disaster that’s coming on multiple levels, from the real-world threats of the continued coronavirus nightmare and the looming second Great Depression that will likely follow in its wake, to the forehead-smacking idiocy of the Democrats having apparently learned nothing from 2016 and working in concerted attack mode (you know, like they almost never do against Republicans) to keep Bernie Sanders, once again, from the nomination and replace him with a man in serious mental decline, have combined to compel me to resume the occasional scribbling here. I won’t post as much as I used to (especially pre-2014), and although you wouldn’t know it from this post, the length-per-post will probably be much shorter as well. But, after a long break, I am back – for whatever that’s worth. 🙂

Oh, yeah – P.S. – how do you like the new threads? I’ve moved hosts for this blog as well, which means I lost all the members stuff. So if you had an account in the past and would like to restore it, by all means, head over to the registration page and create a new account. Sorry for the inconvenience, and you don’t actually have to make an account to comment. See you around. 🙂