Not Just A Few Bad Apples

This story from North Carolina, about what a cop’s inadvertently-left-on dashcam recorded, is both jaw-dropping and, sadly, unsurprising. And no, it’s not yet another image of an improper arrest or a beat-down or pepper-spraying of peaceful protesters.

It’s just what three cops said to one another while sitting around on a normal patrol:

According to the summary, “Moore began telling Piner about an arrest he had made at work the day before. During that conversation, Moore refers to the female as a ‘negro’ and a ‘ni—-‘ on multiple occasions.”

He also referred to a magistrate judge, who is also black, as a ‘fucking negro magistrate.’ 

“At one point, Moore states, ‘she needed a bullet in her head right then and move on. Let’s move the body out of the way and keep going.’ Piner responds, ‘That’s what I have been trying to tell you,’” according to the documents. 


A short time later Officer Piner began to discuss society being close to ‘martial law’ and soon ‘we are just gonna go out and start slaughtering them fucking ni—–. I can’t wait. God, I can’t wait.’

These are not the words of “a few bad apples.” It is indicative of a culture that needs to be rethought and rebuilt from the ground up. Now.