Vote Blue

Just for informational purposes, the United States’ federal minimum wage was $7.25 in 2009.

And 2010.

And 2011.

And 2012.

And 2013.

And 2014.

And 2015.

And 2016.

And 2017.

And 2018.

And 2019.

For comparison, here is what a civilized nation just did:

Voters in Geneva, Switzerland, have agreed to introduce a minimum wage in the canton that is the equivalent of $25 an hour

So, it’s 2020, another in the unbroken quadrennial string of “most important election of our lives” (if you listen to the DNC, DCCC, et al). Go vote blue no matter who…’cause that should fix things…right?

This is where we are, friends. And have been for a while.