Vote Blue, Part II

I wan to follow up on my post below. Because if it sounds like I’m bitter and hopeless, well, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong for thinking that, Bitter, definitely. Hopeless…not yet. Not quite yet.

Hopelessness comes from feeling as if it doesn’t matter what you do, because nothing is going to change. My last post about the federal minimum wage not having changed since 2009, while Switzerland enacts a minimum wage of $25/hr, certainly could give the impression that nothing’s ever going to change. Sometimes it feels that way. 

But despite the fact that the Democratic Party and certain lazy-thinking pundits tell us every four years that This Is The Most Important Election In Our Lifetimes, this time, it might really be true. Donald Trump is a cancer, full stop. And one thing you and I can do is go out, starting now (or soon) and vote this cancer out of office. No, doing that by itself won’t fix everything. It won’t even undo all the damage Trump has done, just to have him and his family of criminal grifters out of the people’s house. Joe Biden will not be a panacea for what ails us. He is a deeply flawed vessel who will have to have his own toes held to the fire to make any real progress.

That’s exactly what gives me hope and why I am not yet hopeless — because one good thing to come out of the Trump years is the widespread realization among a significant number of people, that we will have to do things for ourselves, and time is short. Government can and does work for people…but not if it’s left to either its own devices or the ravages or corporate money which wants only to weaken and drown the voices that protect the citizens and residents of America. From Black Lives Matter to the Sunrise Movement to countless other organizations, and right down to individuals, there is an awakening, a gradual shared realization that, as the old saying has it, democracy is NOT a spectator sport. If we need something done, we will have to do it ourselves. Joe Biden, left to his own devices, will not give much if any of the things we truly need. His instincts will be to try for a return to “normal,” meaning: yesterday. It’s not enough. You know it, I know it…now our job is to daily remind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and every one of our legislators of it. 

So go. Vote. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, even if you did not support them in the primary, or even if you’ve never voted before. I certainly didn’t support Joe or Kamala, and there were candidates who would have been much preferable to them. But that is past now. Let’s go put away this walking, spray-tanned nightmare and then once that is done, we can start focusing on what matters. Electing Biden isn’t the solution, it’s what enables the solution. WE are the solution.