Ghoulish war-hawkery from Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on the Rachel Maddow Show

In what seems like it couldn’t have been anything other than planned (but wasn’t), the Majority Report crew use Atrios’ excellent post on the subject Monday to analyze Hillary Clinton’s recent appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show, and good heavens is it dead-on.

Anyone paying attention to both that evening’s TRMS and the recent history of United States’ military adventures abroad (and their blowback) should have been able very quickly to come to the same conclusion as both Atrios and Seder. Too often, though, it’s easy to give Very Serious Figures, especially when interviewed on current events under the hot lights of news-chat shows, a pass, or maybe to just let whatever they’re saying slip past as a slightly dull and slightly obvious take on the topic-du-jour.

But actually listening to Hillary Clinton’s repugnant war-mongering here should be enough to remind anyone why the Clintons cannot leave the world stage soon enough. Let the MR gang break it down for you. Jesus.